Start life with an advantage

Lifestyles have changed but, for living, must you settle for a boxed up flat from the last century?

Think out of the box! Imagine Smart Homes - Contoured for intelligent living. Walls that don't crowd around you, large open windows with lush green views, skylights that welcome the sun... just delight and de-stress. Practical to maintain, Smart Homes are planned for gadget-friendly labour saving and economical to own and run.

Smart Homes are efficiently designed for the e-age.
Come home and switch on the easy life.

Invest Smart
Located between Rajarhat and the Airport - the 'Gurgaon of Kolkata' - Smart Homes promise a great investment with steadily spiraling neighbourhood property prices. Smart Homes are a private gated enclave within the Greentech City Project Area, which adjoins the Vedic Village complex. It is surrounded by facilities that make life a pleasure to create enduring value.